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Purpose of a Continuity Plan

Continuity of operations planning ensures the ability of an organization to recover and resume operations following a disruption. It is a basic building block of any emergency planning program and is applicable not only in large-scale disaster events or emergencies, but in common non-emergency workplace disruptions as well.

COOP Initiative for Your Organization

Your organization has initiated a continuity of operations plan development project to assist all departments with plan development and ongoing plan maintenance. This project is
supported by top management within your organization and a core Planning Team has been assembled to support this overall effort. The long-term success of the project depends upon:

  • Continuity of Operations Plans being developed and maintained with a minimal allocation of time and human resources.
  • Effective guidance being provided. Many planners will have little or no experience with continuity or emergency planning and will need support.

Continuity of Operations consultation and technical support will be available for all planners via telephone and the internet throughout this planning process.

Program Manager- James Woulfe

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