Hillsborough County Health Care Coalition

Erinn Skiba


Andrew Burden

Vice- Chairperson

About Us

The Hillsborough County Health Care Coalition (HCHC) traces its roots back to the Hillsborough County Hospital Disaster Recovery Group which was formed in 1977 by Dr. Paul Siddall, the Hillsborough County Mass Casualty Director. In 2014 this group transitioned into the HCHC and represents the county as a standing committee of the Regional Coalition. The HCHC is an association of community organizations with disaster planning and operations responsibilities or capabilities. The HCHC is dedicated to creating and promoting a state of readiness and actively working recovery efforts to protect the health of Hillsborough County residents during catastrophic events, large scale disasters and emergencies. This mission is accomplished by coordinating education, assessment, planning, and support services involving public health providers, private medical providers, public safety agencies and government officials


Our mission is to enhance collaborative disaster mitigation, preparedness, and recovery efforts by engaging all sectors of the health and medical system and to assist the medical system in sustaining and improve their existing disaster response and recovery capabilities.


The HCHC conducts meetings held on the third Thursday of every other month at the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center. The EOC is located at 9450 E Columbus Dr, Tampa Fl 33619.  Our meetings are open to the public.

Our Member Organizations
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