Outreach to increase the membership within the Tampa Bay Health & Medical Preparedness Coalition is ongoing.

The Coalition aims for active involvement from the following health and medical system partners within the Coalition’s boundaries:

• Public Health agencies
• Emergency Management agencies
• Hospitals
• Emergency Medical System (EMS) agencies (public and private, including Fire Department-based)
• Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Health Centers
• Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Group Homes
• Home healthcare industry
• Dialysis and ambulatory surgical agencies
• Blood banks, stand-alone medical laboratories and poison control agencies
• Medical Examiners and funeral homes
• Mental health/behavioral health providers
• Healthcare associations and professional medical associations
• Pharmacies and pharmacy associations
• Primary care providers and walk-in clinics
• Higher education agencies directly involved in healthcare profession education
• Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units
• Volunteer organizations with a health and medical mission (Red Cross or similar)
• Community organizations with a health and medical mission
• Faith-based or non-profit organizations
• Private organizations with a health and medical system role

If interested in receiving additional information about the Tampa Bay HMPC, its functions or mission, please contact an Executive Board member or use the Contact page for your request.